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Site Survey

A site survey consists of different techniques and factors, depending on what type of plan needs to be executed on the location. We know the best way to conduct a successful survey.


Project Planning

Our professional technicians and engineers are trained and ready to complete your project on time.


Cabling & installation

Our highly qualified engineers are network cabling specialists. Our structured cabling installation and maintenance service reduces downtime and unnecessary costs.


Configuration & Testing

Our configuration testing service is of high quality.


Performance Analysis and Tuning

Advanced Server provides various tools for performance analysis and tuning.


Support & Service

We promise to offer a 1 year warranty and within this period we will fix it free of charge. And we are always ready to support you with the best solution.

Importance of CCTV cameras for your home’s security

A home CCTV camera is an excellent way to keep your home and its perimeter more secure. Whether you want to see what is happening in your house when you are away or seek to deter burglars and other intruders, a home CCTV camera makes it easy.

A Safe & Secure Baby Monitor

Every parent wants to ensure the best security for their baby. And while you can’t always be by your child’s side, an extra pair of eyes watching over your baby gives you peace of mind. Baby monitors are convenient devices that ensure you can keep a safe eye on your child even when you are away from them. Now, you can always monitor your baby with a home surveillance camera system.


Security Camera Packages

Choose the right package according to your needs.

Our packages are:

Home CCTV Camera package

Business CCTV Camera package

Office CCTV Camera package

Custom CCTV camera package etc.

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Free Plan

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  • Any other third feature

Starter Plan

  • First premium feature
  • Second premium feature
  • Third premium feature

“Your Trusted Friend CCTV CAMERA”

CCTV cameras have redefined security and protection of homes and businesses. The range and options of surveillance cameras available in the marketplace have encouraged their deployment in more locations, areas and facilities. The latest advances in security cameras & CCTV/surveillance systems have elevated levels of security monitoring, management and enforcement and helped thwarting the activities of even the most sophisticated and experienced thieves and criminals.

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