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The automation of the healthcare sphere is one of the most urgent and, perhaps, the most difficult tasks in the world. A huge amount of money is spent every year to solve it, but many problems and questions remain. But when think of a smart hospital, all the problems are solved.

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The hospital of the future

How hospital will be look like in future?
And how far are we?

Smart hospital is a relatively new direction at the intersection of medicine, information, health, and business which is related to the usage of information technology support for healthcare. Many hospital facilities are already on their way to becoming Smart Hospitals with the latest technology and where everything and everyone is linked and connected. System of the smart hospital is so dynamic. Smart hospital system make the hospital smarter.

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Smart hospital all over the world

The Smart Hospital aims to balance clinical outcome excellence, operational/supply chain efficiency and strong patient/provider experiences using technology. The Smart Hospital concept encompasses multiple elements, including: Patient experience, new workplace models, Provider-patient collaboration , Population health management , real-time location system (RTLS), Home monitoring/remote care, Focused hospitals/micro-hospitals, Data life cycle management, Security.

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Importance of Smart hospital

Why we say a smart hospital management system will soon be a new must in healthcare? The world is going digital and so does the patient experience — patients and hospitals use more and more high-tech devices both in hospital rooms and on outpatient basis. Patients use wearable’s, remote monitoring devices and smartphones to monitor their vitals and medication; hospitals use smart TVs and tablets to educate staff and patients; electronic health records (EHRs) are to aggregate all patient information and provide healthcare professional with all data necessary to provide quality care.

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